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Micetrap Records is proud to offer 100% free streaming audio radio stations that are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Micetrap Radio features music from all of our releases, in addition to other label's albums, unreleased songs, live tracks, demos, interviews and many other goodies! You will find all of the greats like Skrewdriver, Hassgesang, Landser, Johnny Rebel, Brutal Attack, No Remorse, Race War, Bound For Glory and much, much more! We have TENS OF THOUSANDS of songs in our play lists and add hundreds of new songs every week! We were the first, remain as the best and are always getting better! Micetrap Radio was the very first internet radio program to play White racial music and we are proud to have the largest (and always growing) listening audience! We are extremely proud to be on the cutting edge of technology and feel that this is the most exciting way to bring music, news, current events and info to our customers and supporters.

This webpage has special coding that should automatically load a pop-up window that contains a flash Shoutcast player. This enables you to listen to Micetrap Radio live with your web browser without using other programs such as WinAmp or iTunes. If the pop-up window does not automatically open, please check the top of your browser to see if there is a request to open a new window or click the following Listen Now image:

All time top artists played:

Click to listen to Micetrap Radio with Winamp, iTunes, etc.

Windows Users - Easy step by step directions for the best way to listen to Micetrap Radio:

Step #1. Download Winamp (Free software) -

Step #2. Install Winamp

Step #3. Save Micetrap Radio Shortcut -

Step #4. Find Micetrap Radio Shortcut - File will be titled listen.pls

Step #5. Right-click listen.pls and select "Open with..." and choose Winamp or drag and drop the listen.pls file directly onto Winamp Player.

YOU CAN ALSO OPEN UP WINAMP (or other players) and under the PLAY URL menu, enter:

If you'd like to add our Shoutcast player directly onto your website (once installed, please email us and let us know your url so we can take a look), add the following code:

</embed src='' quality='high' bgcolor='#ffffff' width='398' height='104' name='popupPlayer_V19' align='middle' allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' pluginspage='' ></embed></center>

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The Micetrap Radio streaming internet music station is completely FREE! Brought to you by Micetrap Records